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What is IBG?

IBG is a social IT-platform for communication and planning. It is a user friendly IT-solution designed for facilities housing or serving people that need clear, interactive communication in every day life. IBG offers users an overview of key information, activities and ressources at the facility in an orderly and activating way – wherever they are.

Overview and gathering point

IBG consists of 11 modules that cover the key areas of everyday life – work schedule, daily meals, activities, meetings etc. IBG supports both individual self-sufficiency and the sense of community. It can be accessed through the IBG App from the user’s smartphones and tablets, but it is also accessed from the large, interactive touch screen centrally placed in the common areas at your facility. The screen is the gathering point for employees and residents and is an essential ressource for information and planning.

Supports development targets

IBG supports many of the development targets of people with special needs by helping users to become more self-sufficient. Surveys show that use of IBG also makes users more prone to use new digital technologies in general.

IBG consists of

IBG is a social IT-solution consisting of advisory and software and delivered as a plug&play SaaS-solution. We also deliver screens and hardware:

  • A software suite ready for use
  • On-going automatic upgrades with new and optimized functions
  • Access via IBG App
  • Data hosting with daily backup
  • Training of super users and courses in optimal use of images, video and pictograms
  • Assistance in entering basic content
  • Support (phone/mail weekdays 8 am – 4 pm)
  • On-going evaluation and adjustment


  • Professional touch screen size 23” to 55” with a solid metal frame and designed for 24-7 operation
  • Extra protection against vandalism (optional)
  • Computer with operating system designed for 24-7 operation

IBG in everyday life

In daily life IBG is operated by the employees at the facility supported by IBG’s hotline. In our experience the employees learn to use the user friendly CMS very fast. They quickly learn to appreciate the advantages of the platform – presenting information in a uniform, inspiring and engaging manner, re-using data and so forth.

Personal login

All users have a personal profile that is used when they register for an activity, unregister for the menu of the day or want to view their personal photos. All these activities can be done directly on the screen. Through the profile users also get access to their personal data in the system.

Mobile devices

Users can access IBG through the IBG App on their personal smartphone and tablet.

Social IT

Intuitive design

IBG is designed using three guiding principles – overview, ease of use and interaction. The design is created using the newest knowledge in the fields of usability and interaction design.


You choose the modules by pressing the easily understandable menu bar located at the bottom of the screen, ensuring that wheelchair users can reach it.


IBG comes with a Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature that ensures that the partially sighted and weak readers have full access to all system information. The TTS function is activated by a single touch on the screen.

Design principles 1

Overview, comprehensibility, ease of interaction

IBG aims to ensure optimal overview, comprehensibility and ease of interaction. User tests have shown that the optimum number of fields on the IBG Home screen is seven. This number is manageable to the users and ensures that the fields are so large that they are easy to hit. The number of fields on the IBG Home screen can be reduced to three and thus adapted to users with a lower level of functional capabilities.

Design principles 2

Easy of use and interaction


  • Contemporary design with visual appeal
  • Photos, pictograms and icons for intuitive understanding
  • Contrasting colors make fields easily distinguishable
  • Key information is accessed from the IBG Home screen
  • Navigation is designed from the bottom up, so that wheelchair users have easy access to the menu
  • Fields meet (no void) to make them as large as possible and easier to hit
  • The screen is installed vertically to take up less wall space and distinguish it from an entertainment device

It’s easy!

Turn key solution

ProReact provide a plug&play-solution including installation of screen and software. ProReact take care of all aspects of training, setup and implementation to ensure that the system is fully functional from day one.

Training of personel

ProReact introduces the system to your employees at the IBG Training Day. The Training Day is held just prior to the introduction of the system at your center and on this day your employees become familiar with the system and how to enter data into the CMS. Moreover all basic content (ie. relevant personal information) is entered into the system so that it is ready for startup.

Call Sales Director Jesper Karlberg on +45 3615 0520 to find out more.